Arriaga Classic

“Classic” product line onyx and marble fireplace portals made by“Arriaga” have perfectly symmetric form and classic design. These fireplaces are decorated with different details, bas-reliefs and also sculptures. The fireplaces connect a style to this or that historical period, wich have matched.

Price from 1000€

Pilsakmens installed fireplaces

 Although natural granite and quartz fireplaces are also available, but marble fireplace portals are more widely represented. “Pilsakmens” offers the following models: “Agra”, “Luxor”, “Grenoble”, “Preston”, “Pompeya”, “Washington”, “Charlotte”, “Lara”, “Stella”, “Viola”, “Caspi”, “Helena”, “Lisboa”, “Verona”, “Atenas”, “Merida”, “Paris”, “Boston”, “Burgos”, “Amberes”, “Praga”, “Versailles”, “Bruselas”, “Dublin”, “Oxford”, “Florencia”, “Pisa”, “Oslo” and “Atlanta”. Among other onyx fireplaces we can highlight “Odessa”.

Even though all fireplaces are classic designed, however, the desingn and mantelpiece are quite different. Due to the reason, before purchasing is necessary not only to look samples at the gallery, but also to contact specialists to receive their competent assistance. Our expert will give you detailed advice and specific guidance about the most appropriate type of fireplace exactly for your home. The correctly chosen classic stone fireplace portal creates an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and warmth. Therefore, as opposed to other materials it serve in for years; thanks to high heat resistance, guarantee higher level of fire protection, is exceptionally resistant to mechanical damages; it gives not only the warmth and also the real pleasure for eyes.

Available materials for fireplaces