Arriaga Exclusive

As the series name suggests, “Exclusive” natural stone fireplaces are different with specific mantelpiece style. At a glance is clear, that there are not simple classic fireplace portals, but modern works of art which attract attention and make the interior refinement. The series made by recognized Barselona industrial designer Josep Guiu was initially designed with a view to altering the idea of what should be the fireplace portal. The main value is simplicity, naturalness and innovations in all.

Price from 1000€

Pilsakmens mounted fireplaces

For example, “Arriaga Exclusive Sun” is in-wall model with round “mouth”, which is installable horizontally as well as vertically. The burning fire inside it points at the author’s idea – the sun which is always together with us in our home. It is important to add, that the model together with “Moon” and “Cubic” had awarded designer prize “Red Dot Award” 2009.

“Moon” model comprises of two visualy separated parts, which brings a reminder about the celestial body. The fireplace with the dimensions of 110 X 190 X 12 cm can be installed horizontally as well as vertically. “Modis” is also made of two different neutral materials, which allowes to include it conveniently to any project. “L Series” in turn is available of varying sizes depending upon room size. I case of vertical installation it takes 100 X 130 X 44 or 100 X 160 X 44 cm of space, but horizontal – 160 X 100 X 44 vai 160 X 130 X 44 cm. This series also includes “L4 Series” and “Cubic” models.

Available materials for fireplaces