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Though it is possible now using the complicated technologies to build firepaces of varying degrees of complexity, the main idea of all models of this series is taste simplicity, elaborate details and very good and simple style. There are five wonderful particular design fireplaces.

The natural stone manteled fireplaces: “Leda”, “Leda – C”, “Wave”, “S2” and “S4”. All the models are perceived as works of art, created by designer. So, when you will select the most suitable, you need understand what author wanted to tell.

Price from 1000€

Pilsakmens installed fireplaces

“Leda”. The meaning of the model is “beauty in simplicity”. Fire element is in equilibrium with environment, where stone symbolizes the naturalness. The fireplace has nothing superfluous, as if it wants to meet its perfect proportions.

“Leda – C”.  The fireplace’s task is highlight that tangible and intangible complement each other; thereby the form reinvigorates and bolsters the idea.

“Wave”. The original and exlusive form surely draws attention to light motion, which is embodied in stone. Warmth is “framed” into graceful, eternal material.

“S2”. The attractiveness has a power. The correct forms and straight lines, which interrupte unexpectedly, maintain the harmony in general.

“S4” is a symbol of independence, where power of fire obtains a new strength. The essence of design is its dynamism. Fireplace has the own personality and character, which value is strong and irrepressible energy ejection each time, whenever it gets fire.

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