As is known, counters of various types and materials are used not only in bar-rooms, as well as in any hotels, coffee-rooms, shops and other public places. The interior element aesthetically enriches and lends it a unique charm is also perfect for your home. Good-looking and tastefully selected, moreover, produced of stone bar counter is the place where the members of family before their way to work, as well as celebration guests tend to gather.

It is more enjoyable to drink your cup of coffee or tea and glass of wine at the perfect natural stone bar counter or natural marble counter than at a simple table holding it in your hands and sometimes putting it on the edge of a sofa, windowsill and other inappropriate place.

Price from 120€/m2

Our bar counter projects

Natural granite, marble, travertine or quartz bar counters gives surely the elegancy to any guest room and kitchen area. Furthermore, is possible to accommodate the colour and design to the certain room and other elements: furniture, ceiling, wall finishes. A colour may vary from black and white to blue, green and red tones. A pattern of texture may differ from almost inconspicuous points to very explicit lines with clear pattern, which is unique and inimitable for each stone plate. There is available a great variety of forms – rectangular, round or with various flexures and ornaments. It could be said that the good masterfully made bar counter is not just functional item, but a work of art.

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