Bathroom is one of the most personal and intimate space in any home that you use every day. That is why it should pay particular attention to the arrangement. Therefore, it is important choosing the best materials to make the interior more comfortable and snug. After all, it should be representative especially for you.

Price from 120€/m2

Our bathroom countertops projects

Natural stone surfaces are not only exquisitely beatifull, but also easy cleaned and do not lose its qualities over time. A bathroom in which have been installed stone surfaces or simply stone sink obtain its individuality at once, it becomes not only washing- room. Now, entering into the room you feel

the elegance of style. However, paradoxically it gives a unique cosiness and unusual comfort.

Choosing suitable surface material you should consider that bathroom is the place where water flows all the time and it is always humid. There are used a lot of different washing agents and detergents, which other material can not withstand. It is also important to consider its strength and toughness that sooner or later it is sometimes possible to drop accidentally heavy or acute object. It makes natural stone irreplaceable having special properties, which do not have artificial stone and others.

Pilsakmens” offers manufacturing and installing in your home or other places: natural granite bathroom surfaces, natural quartz bathroom surfaces, natural marble bathroom surfaces and also shower panelling and bath panelling.

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