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A very wide range of various material for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, paving floors and walls, stairs and windowsills is available in the market. If it is important to find the most convenient solution, specialists recommend to choose natural stone, for example marble, quartz or granite. At first glance, it may seem expensive and too exclusive, but looking forward, qualitative natural stone kitchen countertop or bathroom surface will certainly pay off.

The main natural stone features ar its durability and resistance to mechanical damages and environmental impact. As can be seen looking to old buildings, wich have been remarkably well preserved. Natural stone materials, wich are used for interiors (natural stone kitchen counertops and bathroom surfaces)  are  durable. It is very difficultly to spoil it, chemical agents and sharp items do not influence it. Indeed, a great deal of knifes are significantly softer than marble or granite kitchen countertops.

Unfortunately, there is differently with artificial stone. It is often do not includes stone, because it is  artificial alloy, which, of course, costs cheaper for manufacturers, so quality is too far from an ideal. Speaking honestly, it has advantage: the material can be fashioned any forms, furthermore seams and connecting points are countless. So these kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces have significantly lower durability than natural stone surfaces: the materials are soft and deform under the temperature influence. It is possible to put on marble, quartz or granite surface hot casserole or pan taken out from heat oven, but it is differently with artificial surfaces, because these are not heat-resistant. Even sink can be irretrievably damaged from poured hot liquid. It also relate to knifes and other sharp items, even not to mention the fact that accidentally fallen on the surface meat tenderizer can chap it. Meanwhile, when doubts arise, it is possible, before purchasing, ask supplier any small natural stone sample and try to scratch it or impact any differently.  It will not have a problem with the experiment for qualitative material trader