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Natural stone columns and poles are usually manufactured of granite, marble, onyx, travertine or quartz. Traditionally, columns are pillars for lintel building construction, for example beams or archs. It is this that got the possibility for ancient architects to create the masterpieces as Persepolis buildings and Temple of Athena.

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However, are also used as decorative or fencing element, because it is well matched to other materials, for example to metal, wood, ceramic and gypsum elements. Nowadays, granite and marble columns are used not only in big, broad buildings with huge halls and long corridors, but also in normal size flats adding supplemental esthetic value.

Therefore, poles are used for pedestrian and transport flow skipping as well as area’s fencing. Well-processed marble and granite fence poles look good. Simple concrete or cobblestone fencing poles can be made by more or less experienced specialist or makeshift; but natural marble, quartz or granite poles not impossible to make at home.

For this reason “Pilsakmens” marble poles and granite columns are supplied, processed and mounted in the object taking into account project features and client’s wishes.

However quartz is not traditionally popular, it is more solid material and has not pores. Therefore quartz poles and quartz columns will be the best solution. You should connect with “Pilsakmens” specialists to have detailed individual consulting to choose the suitable material!

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