Attractive colours, high quality and durability are attributes which stone returned its primary purpose once again and became to be used in façade finishing. Stone façade cannot get out of fashion. Stone façade is investment into the far future. It looks beautiful, respectable and worthily.

“Pilsakmens” sets up granite, marble, travertine, natural slate and other material stone facades. Before then, enterprise made stone facades of chopped natural slate ”Graphite Black”, facades of mat marble ”Bianco Perlino”, facades of shaped travertine ”Classico”, granite “G623” stone facades and also of other materials. Herewith, stone was not only mounted at facades, but also from mines and processed.

Stone facades are characterized by its durability; herewith it does not harm water and weather conditions, which are characteristic for our climate: it does not deform and do not break under the influence of adverse factors. These are appropriate for any building types: new and renewed, for multi-storey buildings and private houses, for offices and public buildings. Meanwhile, well-designed and constructed stone facades are also energy efficient, as compared to glass facades. Not for nothing experts recognize that Frankfurt opera tower is the best office building in all of Germany; and the main reason for the recognition is impressive and energy efficient stone facades.