FAQ - biežāk uzdotie jautājumi

What are your work experiences?

Our specialists have 25-year experience in stone processing field.

What countries do you work? Pilsakmens_fb_ready-0583

We work in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Baltia, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, France, and the United Kindom. If necessary, we can collaborate with enterprises of other countries and private customers throughout Europe and beyond its borders.

It is important, stone products would serve us for long time. Do you give any warranties for your work?

We give 2-year warranty for all our works. Qualitave natural stone floors, kitchen countertops, facades and other products serve for long time; it is not easy to break it.

I want to order unique table, such nobody has exactly the same.  What can you offer?

Allways are available more then 100 materials of different types: granite, marble, quartz, onyx, travertine and natural slate. In stock is available >5000 sq.m of various stone material. Herewith, stone plate texture, colour and other details are unique. Therefore, can not find two identical.

Why it is necessary to choose natural stone not artificial? IMG_0123

In first, on account of its durability. Every so often artificial stone is not stone, but alloy. It cost cheaper for manufacturers, therefore quality is far from an ideal. The second reason, the material is unique, it never be the same! You can find more information here.

I like life fire, but I think that fireplace is useless in modern apartment. Could I be wrong?

Contemporary fireplace is not only source of heat, but in first it is element of design. Correctly chosen fireplace includes in a room and harmoniously supplements it. We supply world-class fireplace portals and also construct custom-designed fireplaces. We are able to choose the fireplace according to the interior.