Initially fountains were built as locations for intake drinking water on private territories as well as in public squares. So these were usually places of public gatherings. However, people tried to stay near a fountain not only for practical reasons; flowing water is one of the few things, which is never boring.

In addition, the murmur of water is also able to calm and and helps to relax, relieve stress, free from negative emotions. Water by itself is a source of health and energy.

Price from 800€/each

However, not everyone have the opportunity to live and to be continuously near flowing water. Therefore natural stone fountains are the excellent solution for households as well as for all trade or bussiness centres and leisure complexes. Elegant and qualitative granite or natural marble fountains not only  adorn and give comfort to any room, but also attract attention not less important you will create a pleasant atmosphere yourself or your guests and visitors. Granite, marble and quartz fountains could be built in interior rooms as a flowing down water. Therefore, the air will always be fresh, ionized and clean within a radius of ten meters. Meanwhile, water drowns out environmental noises, gets away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and and gives a magic feeling of coolness.

“Pilsakmens” offers granite and marble fountains as well as quartz fountains with delivery and assembly.

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