“Galleria Riga” is the modern trade centre in the central part of the city; the place is easy accessible. It has 8 floors, two level parking places and offers wide-ranging opportunities for shoppings. Within the framework of the project “Pilsakmens”, Ltd. has made mosaic floor 1000 sq.meters at the ground floor, where was created various colour geometric patterns with logo in the center. There are a lot of food, beverage, tabacco and flower shops on the ground floor, where are also able to purchase printed media, jewelry, cosmetics and optics; therefore special attention was paid to durability and quality of materials. In this case, there is the largest flow of visitors on this level, so floor should withstand a high load. Therefore, there were used materials “Bianco Cararra”, “Verde Guatemala” and “Giallo Reale” marble, which was supplied from mine site, processed and assembled.

Impressive sized internal fountain has mounted alongside the mosaic floor paving. The fountain is formed of several levels; it includes statues, underwater lighting which still draws visitor’ attention. They have their pictures taken near the fountain considering it as a work of art.

It is essential that the extensive work lasted for only three months that implies high level of professionalism and experience of “Pilsakmens” masters.