Granite is a volcanic igneous rock – one of the common types of stones which consists of feldspars, quartz and colour minerals. It has the massive texture, graining, small water absorption, as well as the high resistance against salt and weathering; so  it is used for manufacturing of stone facades of granite, natural granite fountains, as well as various interior solutions – granite kitchen countertops and bathrooms, natural granite windowsills un natural granite walls. There are several types of granite: normalgranite, plagiogranite and alkaline granite; in return minerals that it contains affect its colour: red, rose, grey and white with black mineral grains.


Granite samples

Granite is able to withstand heavy loads, vibration and abrasive power. It is easy to process, grind and polish.Granite gives in to cutting and molding, so it is possible to get thin and thick high-impact plates. Furthemore the material has uniform consistence; every plate is unique. It often happens that quartz crystals are found in granite.


“Pilsakmens” used granite supplies from Italy, Brazilia, China and other lands. In consideration of customers’ individual wishes the enterprise manufacture  various natural granite kitchen countertops, granite bathroom surfaces, granite bar counters, granite facades, granite stairs, granite columns, granite mosaic tiles, granite windowsills, granite plates, granite walls and also granite fountains. It also is usable various colour granite paving stone and granite borders, granite poles and a variety of types of sophisticated fireplace portals.

Pilsakmens projects from granite