“Jupiter Centre” 14-storey A+class office building, located on 7 Skanstes street, Riga, with comfortable business environment, new technological solutions and modern architecture. Total floor area of each storey is about 530 sqm, and total area for office facilities given for rent – 8 052 m2.

“Pilsakmens”, Ltd was carrying out material delivery from mines of Spain, needed processing before assembly works beginning from walls and floor finishing in the context of the project on area 1000 sqm. In accordance with the project, the marble type used for the construction was Spanish brown “Emperador Dark” marble. The use of the plates with various complex and well-designed pattern has achieved an impressive result, which do not leave anyone indifferent.

Marble floors and walls add to the house the charm and elegance wich is important for any office building of this level. Therefore, the premises can be more easily rented; the rental cost can be higher, so project implementer can easier bring back invested funds.

All the planned works have been performed for 8 months.