Thinking about choosing from various solutions the following primary factors are considered. Firstly, it is practicality, taking into account that kitchen is the the room for cutting, mincing, cooking.

For this reason, the surface must be made from durable material, which has damage resistance and easy to clean. So stone kitchen countertops have a decided advantage.

The surfaces made of natural granite stone are heat-resistant so it is possible to place heated cookware safetly. Most knifes are fearlessly used for cutting and mincing meat or vegetables directly on the granite or marble countertops.

Price from 120€/m2

Our projects of kitchen countertops

Clean granite kitchen countertops are also hygienic, for these reason food preparation is safe and perfect for the purpose. You won’t have troubles with kitchen clean-up, because spots don’t form.

The second aspect is appearance. Of course, there are plenty of tastes, but stone has a great feature. It is an unrestricted possibility to fit perfectly in every interior. Colour of countertop would be not only black or white, but also blue, green or scarlet with broad range of processing. Granite, marble and quartz surfaces can be given almost any shape, but texture will always be unique and singular. There are not two identical countertops in the world! It may be mirror-bright polished surface or on the contrary, natural with well visible mineral layers. All that is necessary is to select to your taste.

“Pilsakmens” enterprise offers natural marble kitchen countertops, natural granite kitchen countertops and quartz countertops to its customers.

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