Marble is one of limestone forms, which mostly consists of calcite. The pure marble is white, but containing impurities the colour can vary from till red (oxides) and from grey till black (carbon oxide). If the impurity is serpentine or chloride marble is green. In this regard, it is possible to make various and very colorful marble stairs, marble columns, marble windowsills and bar counters.


Marble samples

The fact which implies marble greater durability is that it was already known in ancient Egypt and Greece where it was used in architecture (Parthenon), as well as for multiple sculptures. In those times was created impressive natural marble columns, colourfull marble fountains, marble walls and marble mosaic tiles, because durability of marble is equivalent for granite; herewith every plate is unique and with specific pattern.

Of course, marble tiles and natural marble walls are also used in nowadays interiors and building finishing, so development of finshing technology allows the possibility to create more complex forms. So marble facades has got new more attractive and interesant contours, herewith delicate marble bathrooms and durable marble kitchen countertops are pleasant at daily using.

“Pilsakmens” offers marble from Italy, Spain and India. Furthermore, in the catalogue are found not only accustomed marble products, but also natural marble products, but also natural marble paving stone, different forms of marble curbstone (side profiles) and natural marble poles.

Pilsakmens projects of marble