Memorials are always unique and can tell quite a lot about a person, whom it is dedicated. It comes not only to name, surname and date. Stone memorials are stories by itself about itself, because it differs in sizes, forms, thickness, arrangement, reflected motives and used materials. The memorable signs are usually gleaned considering who this passing was alive.

Pilsakmens constructed memorials

 Although, various materials are used, Natural stone memorials constructed of granite especially are more durable, so it keeps longer the memory of a person, who is dear to him family and relatives. It is logically, that in this case, should be chosen the stone grave curbstone. There is a nuance, that besides the longevity, natural stone memorials look more seriously and respectfully. It is unlikely that there are many people who in order to keep the memory of the person closest to you, would get carried away by premature experiments of material choosing, for the purpose to reduce the cost. Therefore stone memorials are constructed of natural granite, because it has the unique texture, durability and reliability to the environment is unsurpassed and pattern is inimitable.

“Pilsakmens” specialists make memorials and grave curbstones in consideration of every customer’s thoughts and individual desires. According to relatives’ wishes we offer to engrave on it written information, as well as portraits, any symbols and ornaments. It is also possible to order appropriate grave curbstones.

Available materials