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Just as in the shoe industry, mosaic tiles are manufactured according to fashion trend. The recognized designers and well-known architects get involved in development of new collections. Italy is the leading country in Europe where are multitude of different styles and trends at the same time. Having said that, natural marble mosaic tiles, quartz tiles and granite tiles are widely regarded as contemporary classics at all times. Natural granite mosaic tiles had been used a thousand years ago. The ancient artists created plenty of interesting and enjoyable to the eye ornaments or coded into the walls and the floor finish whole messages.

Price from 140€/m2

Pilsakmens mosaic tiles projects

There are many granite tiles of different forms, colours, sizes and textures. Natural stone mosaic tiles could be created inserting in it glass elements, which improves aesthetic value and makes it even more interesting. Durable quartz are also used may be used differently, as from bathroom and kitchen finishing up to pools, because mosaic tiles are ideal solution for rooms with increased requirements against humidity.

Of course, not only walls can be finished with tiles.  Natural granite tiled floor, natural quartz or marble tiled floors – it looks great and serves fine. Indeed, stone tiles are perfectly suitable for floor because it is very practical and durable. These are valued by exterior designers for qualitative and tastefully selected can improve appearance of parks and gardens.

One of the significant achievements of Pilsakmens, Ltd is original, unconventional and inimitable stone mosaic tile order for the Russian Embassy in France.

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