Natural slate is settled in depths of sea, petrified and crystallizated from the impact of heat and pressure rock mass, which have been started its formation about 400 millions years ago. Therefore it is fully natural and not dangerous to health material.


Natural slate samples

Natural slate is also called stone shale or eternit. This word is derived from the Latin word meaning “everlasting”. This name is not groundless, because the roofs and the stone facades of natural slate serve very long time; its life is from 200 till 250 years. Not without reason the most significant buildings as castles or other representable houses in the 15th and 16th centuries were covered with it. This longevity means the low costs. It should be noted that slate is able to bind the humidity and give it back into the atmosphere that almost wholly prevents condensate formation.

Other big advantage of stone slate is its elasticity. Therefore, it is able to slate the material on any form roof, in this case giving the space for designer, architect and engineering solutions. Although, natural slate usually is grey to black, other colours and tones are available. In this case, thoughtfully chosen slate facades and roofs suit the elegant historical, as well as the modern development, because it always is actual material.

“Pilsakmens” specialists supply, process and assemble natural slate from Italy and India.

Pilsakmens projects of natural slate