Onyx is a subtype of agate – partly transparent semi-precious stone with black and white stripes. It is well-known from ancient times, where onyx was used in various artistic handicrafts as bead, cameo stone engraving and jewelry making masterfully combining its contrasting layers. Furthemore, people attributed magical properties to it. Every so often, some hail white layer marble as onyx, but will be right to call it marmoronix.

Onyx samples

Today this material are also used in decorative finishing, making natural stone bar counters, natural stone windowsills and natural stone bathroom countertops as also integrating it into fireplaces and other interior elements.

The specific features of onyx are fancy patterns and ornaments which resemble nature views, various simbols, silhouettes of people and animals. This images which were formed naturally thousands years ago, makes a truly unforgettable impression on a viewer. Therfore, interior finish of onyx can be seen as long-term investment wich will never become obsolete, will never get boring and serve for decades delighting home owners and their guests.

The most sizeable onyx mines are in the United States, Brazil, Canada, the United Kindom, Madagascar, Mexico, Pakistan, Uruguay and Germany. In return, “Pilsakmens” offers for its customers onyx imported from Italy, Brazil, India and China, which perfectly complement any interior with a sophisticated and elitist look.

Pilsakmens projects of onix