Paving stone is a perfect choice for construction of yards, sidewalks, garden paths, lanes and driveways. Lifetime of this paving significantly longer in comparison with artificial paving stone, because it do not lose its particular look over time; it retains its useful properties and is more durable. It is essential that granite paving stone as well as natural quartz paving stone has full resistance to weather conditions.

 Price from 25€/m2

Pilsakmens paving projects

Therefore, natural paving stone of granite or quartz is long-term investment, which will be valued by your children and grandchildren. The example to that are many European capitals, where paving stone is still in good condition, in spite of the huge number of people using it for hundreds of years. Although, dolomite and marble paving stone has been often used on the objects depending on possibilities of particular city. Today, granite paving stone is more suitable, which not only separates and helps to keep it clean and tidy, but also inject a share of the spirit of past.

Paving stone is possible to use planning increased load, for example in areas with car traffic. Furthermore, stone borders, too, should be used. “Pilsakmens” granite borders are available in a wide selection of colours and sizes; it is possible to choose suitable solution at your desire and design of the yard. The borders would be not only simply grey, but also black, red, green, etc.


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