Quartz or silicon dioxide is one of the most widespread materials, which have simply accumulated in detritus all over the beaches, rivers and dunes. Thanks to resistance to weathering it often is the dominant mineral  in the specific environment; sand is also consist of quartz, than other less durable mineral grains have still broken down.

Quartz samples

Quartz is used as alternative to marble and granite. It is transparent, clear and colourless in its pure form, but  in case there are various particles present, its subtypes are generated, such as agate, amethyst, ametrine, aprikotine, basanite, citrine, smoky quartz, scepter quartz, hyaline quartz, morion, rose quartz, blue quartz and other variations of this mineral.

Quartz is resistant to weathering, harder than granite and marble. It is easy to clean and contaminants and spots are not formed in it. In this regard, the material is often used for manufacture of natural quartz kitchen countertops, quartz bathroom surfaces, stairs, columns, counters, mosaic tiles, windowsills, walls and other interior or architectural elements in private houses, public buildings and various leisure complexes.

These stones are also used in other areas, for example in jewelry making, manufacture of various optics and electronic devices, as well as ceramics, metal industry and manufacture of construction materials.

Pilsakmens projects of quartz