“Pilsakmens“ customers sense importance of reputation and first impression. Stairs are one of the first  things which people notice going to a building or entering into it. It is as visiting card; if something persisted it will not change long years. What can better tell about home owner’s status, ability to think for the future and stability in all areas, as soon as reliable, exclusive natural stone stairs?

May be, it is in this regard that, granite  ”Nero Impala” stairs  can be seen in hotel “Radisson Blu Ridzene”, granite ”Tan Brown” stone stairs with entrance roads to hotel “Mercure Hotel”; and granite ”Multicolour Red”, “G654” and “G682” stone stairs can be seen inside, as well as near facades of the buildings. Granite stairs are more popular, but it is also possible to make it of marble, quartz, etc. See in gallery and contact “Pilsakmens” specialists in order to choose yours!

Stone durability and beauty have been evaluated since time immemorial, but nowadays it also is recognized and appreciated in professional constructor, designer and connoisseur area. After the prominent misconceptions and quests people comprehend and evaluated the value of natural things. However, “Pilsakmens” proudly supplies the best various type stones from the entire world, thoroughly and masterfully processes, and qualitatively assemblies it in your home or enterprise premises.