Stairs are one of the first objects, which is noticed any visitor. In this regard, visual appearance, originality and reliability are significant. Natural stone stairs at the entrance to the room give elegance and prestige, interior rooms in turn emphasise the taste of the owner and undoubtedly attests to the well-being.

Price from 60€/m2

Our stone stairs projects

Pilsakmens stone stairs are practically wear-free, because external environment does not have a negative impact. Therefore, stairs’ life can last hundreds of years.

Granite stairs with roughened and fired surface are usable on outdoor premises. There are massive, long-life and could bear harsh weather without losing any of its characteristics. Furthermore, it must be processed specifically, because stone become slippery in winter. In return, steps do not crack in spring, it is more likely to happen with other materials during freezing and defrost; it never get rot as wooden steps.

In consideration of our customers’ wishes and unique nuances in every project, “Pilsakmens” offers manufacture and installate stone stairs made of granite, quartz, marble and other materials. It could be manufactured to customer’s order. The most requested is flaming. The majority of the customers order polished, brushed, sand-jet processed stairs surfaces quite frequently

Available materials for stairs from natural stone