Although today artificial materials are widely distributed, a natural stone is the oldest construction material; it is recognized and frequently used. It is clear that the stone, which satisfy all the requirements, is able to withstand large load, harsh weather and heat, which are essential taking into account fire prevention.

 Price from 45€/m2

Pilsakmens stoneworks projects

There are different stoneworks and stone using traditions, which could be combined always taking into account local traditions and appropriate methods. If limestone, cobblestone and split stone stonework is relatively simple, but granite masonry will be capable of doing only for skilled specialist. Granite for masonry differs with size and form, so it is more difficult to make smooth and visually beautiful walls. In any case masonry as well plenty of time ago is manual working thereby one need to have special competence, skills and work experience.

“Pilsakmens” carries out stonework using granite, marble, travertine, natural slate, cobblestone, dolomite and other materials. Usually cobblestones are used to make foundation of the building, retaining wall and massive concrete construction. Of course, natural stone is used not only for building’s walls masonry, but also for any objects: fences and lanterns; fireplaces, ovens and stoves; stone stairs, smoke chambers and flues, as well as garden bars and kitchens.

Available natural stone materials