Granite, natural quartz tiles or natural marble tiles are equally suitable for bathrooms as well as interior rooms, and are usable for exterior, for instance for outdoor swimming pools. It can serve as the basic material for surface finishing or as an attractive design or landscape architectural element. It is important, natural stone tiles should be mounted correct and all the works should be done by professionals. Therefore, if needed the qualitative tiled stone floor in any representable room or would be needed to decorate the walls in private house; “Pilsakmens” specialists with 20-year experience in stone and ceramic tilings and processing are real professionals you should contact.

Price from 20€/m2

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Mosaic tiles for walls and stone mass floor tiles differs in form and content. It may be made of natural stone or artificially created. There are tiles of ceramic content, which have outer layer of other material. In case of walls is possible be used the first and the second types of tiles, but a floor should be finished with tiles of stone mass content. Granite, quartz or marble floor should be durable, undeformable and well looked. More durable, stable and thick tiles should be chosen for public rooms with heavy load.

In any case, for the correct choice of tiles should be required a special advice as well as is logical to trust the finishing works for competent masters. “Pilsakmens” performs all types of tiling work till 500 sq.m. per day.

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