Marmora grida - Galleria Riga (6)

“Pilsakmens” manufactures stone floors and stone walls from granite, marble, travertine and other materials ensuring supply, processing and assembly. There are used progressive stone processing methods as polishing, grinding, flaming and sand-jet processing.

A stone floor and walls are amazingly beautiful, as well as practical and give you room a unique visual identity, adding a supplementary value, what is essential if would be planned the property to be sold. Thanks to varying mineral composition, every stone plate has unique texture. Meanwhile, stone walls and floors are more robust and hence last longer. This is seen from the fact that the antique stone buildings have survived until nowadays. Therefore, marble and quartz walls or granite and travertine floors is easy to clean and keep in good condition.

It is possible, that stone floors are fitted in outdoor rooms, for instance terraces could be paved with granite. “Pilsakmens” offers installing granite terrace and gluing tiles, as well as a little known innovative installing granite terrace on regulated distancers, which is practical and long-term method. These terraces looks representably that creates a favourable impression on any dwelling house or public building visitor. In the latter case this is also stone floor ability to serve without deformation in the premises with the maximum flow of people.