Well selected natural stone windowsills nicely complement any building interior as well as exterior view of a building give a unique visual identity. The buildings attract the attention and delight owners, passers-by and visitors.

Price from 70€/m2

Pilsakmens stone windowsills projects

Granite, marble and quartz windowsills are easy to keep and will last a very long time.

Due to the specific material structure it has the particular strength and resistance to adverse environmental factors. Natural marble windowsills, as well as granite windowsills can bear heavy mechanical loading. In fact its hardness is second only to diamonds. In this regard, no need to worry those windowsills may be broken, cracked and crushed under the influence of external factors. The material does not absorb water; therefore it is not exposed to the risk of deformation in our environmental conditions.

Granite, travertine and marble windowsills are available of bright and natural colours; moreover like a fingerprint each one has the original and unique pattern. It would be seen as a collaborative work of art of nature and master.

“Pilsakmens” offers a broad range of granite, marble un travertine veined windowsills with inimitable natural pattern and floating lines of tone. It also goes without saying that a stone windowsill surface does not change colour, it never loss of gloss, wich will be kept for pleasure of future generations.

Available materials for windowsills