The primary goal of a fireplace was to give and keep warmth. All home dwellers gathered together near it warming themselves and othen cooking. In fact, it was a hearthside. A time later, the main purpose has changed radically. Since the late Middle Ages fireplaces have gained popularity. It became increasingly complex and exquisite – with pictures on a religious theme and figural elements. Technical solutions have been gradually changed; fireplaces of huge sizes have never been built; flues are being created more rationally and carefully, therefore getting a possibility to reduce the firewood consumption. Even now, centuries later the main purpose of fireplace has been preserved — to gather together family members and guests spending their time in a pleasant atmosphere and unhurried conversation.

 Price from 1000€

Pilsakmens installed stone fireplaces

A modern fireplace will be correctly matched with the overall house design. “Pilsakmens”, Ltd supply and install  a worldwide Spanian brand “Arriaga”  produced magnificent marble fireplace portals, excellent onyx and natural granite fireplace portals, also quartz fireplace portals. There is not only incomparable design and quality. Fireplace made of expensive material and the mantelpiece is also the simbol of prestige, dignity and good taste in any private house, leisure complex or office premises. Whatever the interior of your room, you are able to choose the suitable alternative of fireplace for any style one of three varied, but equally great fireplace design lines.

Available materials for fireplaces